Monday, April 21, 2008

Real World Hollywood 2008

The Real World 2008 is set in Hollywood. It has a background of each person having a goal to make it big in Hollywood. We have a few that want to be actors, a cast member that wants to be a Star Singer. Also someone that wants to produce music, movies and mainly just be behind the scenes.

This the Real World Hollywood cast is much like the past ones. All different walks of life meeting together to try to co-exist. This cast did not last long, the first episode started with everyone meeting and being in aw if the great house they get to live in, but soon after they started the drinking, partying and hooking up that is known as the Real World. This year has a twist to it, they added a guy that was voted in via the internet but fans of the show.. MTV really threw a wrench into things with this guy. Greg is very egotistical and is already hated by everyone else in the house. Tune in to see how this drama turns out.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Reality TV

Reality Tv has taken the Television world by storm. It all started back in the early 1990's with MTV coming out with the Real World. The Real world puts together a group of guys and girls into 1 house and watches how they interact while on television. They pick a different city each time for these shows and have been going strong for about 15 years. They also now have spinoffs of Real World in which past members do Physical challenges and compete for cash and prizes and of course they still have the real life drama behind them. Once MTV started this Reality craze of course with there success there have been many followers. I will be outlining and sharing articles on some of the different shows that are out there today. Such as American Idol, Big Brother, The Hills, and many other top shows. I hope you come back to check out Lauren Conrod, Heidi and Simon as we feature many different shows and reality stars throughout our new Reality TV Blog.